Sand Volleyball

Deadline for Independent Entries: July 12, 2017

Completed Brackets:

Corporate Cup – Independent


Saturday, July 22, 2017
Tournament begins @ 9:00am


Legend Lanes
4190 State Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


Double Elimination Tournament
Six (6) Players Per Team (3 Males & 3 Females) – NO EXCEPTIONS


  1. Double-Elimination tournament, rally scoring.
    WINNERS BRACKET GAMES: Best of 3, Win by 2 (To: 21, 21, 15) (Cap: 25, 25, 19)
    LOWER BRACKET GAMES: Single Game, Win by 2 (To: 21) (Cap: 25)
  2. The positioning of the players shall be alternating male and female.
  3. Under no circumstances may a team play with less than 6 players on the court.
  4. Unlimited substitutions may be made (male for male, female for female) ONLY at the server position. Players DO NOT need to make a full rotation prior to subbing out. Injured players may sub out from any position.
  5. If there are not six players at the scheduled start of the match, the first game will be a forfeit. There is a 10-minute limit to start the second game. If 6 players are not present at the end of the 10 –minute period, the second game and the match will be a forfeit.
  6. A coin flip will start each game. Winner of the flip will choose to serve, or choose their side of the court. Teams will switch sides of the court in-between each game.
  7. Service may be made anywhere along the end line.
  8. The server should call the score with each service.
  9. When a ball is played more than twice by a team, a female player must make at least one of the contacts.
  10. The ball must be clearly seen in the hands of the server and be clearly hit for service.
  11. The ball may contact any part of the body on or above the waist providing such contact is simultaneous and the ball rebounds immediately.
  12. Scooping, lifting, pushing, or allowing the ball to roll on the body will be considered a held ball and illegal.
  13. Two time-outs per game will be allowed for 20-seconds each.
  14. Blocking can only be done by front row players. Attacking the ball in front of the 10-foot line can only be done by front row players.
  15. The receiving team on a serve cannot attack the serve. The first hit by the receiving team shall be a bump or set.
  16. Only the team captain may address the officials.
  17. To help ensure player safety, blatant interference by a player (in the judgment of the official) with an opposing player who is in the progress of playing the ball, shall be declared a fault and a sideout or point will be awarded.
  18. Misconduct shall result in: first infraction-team warning; second infraction-point or sideout; third infraction-forfeit of game.
  19. All decisions of the official are final.

After your first two rounds, game times are subjected to change. If not present at the start of your game, your game will be forfeited!

Akron Corporate Challenge staff members and officials reserve the right to settle any disputes, as well as interpret, modify, and enforce all sand volleyball rules and regulations.