Updated 7/23/2021

The 2021 Akron Corporate Challenge is ON and we can’t wait to get you back into the competition!

During the events, we will be taking precautions to minimize risk and contact between participants. All of our events are approved for play under the Ohio Department of Health: Responsible Restart Ohio Guidelines, and we will be following these guidelines throughout the season: Click Here to Review these Guidelines

In accordance with these guidelines, here are some major steps we are implementing:

  • Masking
    For anyone not fully vaccinated, a mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin is required:

    • In any indoor location, except when competing in a particular event.
    • Outdoors, when it is not possible to consistently maintain a distance of 6 feet or more between people who live in different homes/households, except when competing in a particular event.
  • Event Selection
    Most of our events this season will be outdoor in open air with plenty of space available for distancing, and low contact between competitors.
    Bowling will remain as an indoor event. This venue has been able to remain open throughout the pandemic due to rigorous sanitation and distancing practices and is confident in hosting our group this season.
    High Risk events have been removed from this season (3v3 Basketball).
  • Scheduling
    All events will be scheduled with distancing and venue capacity in mind.
    For our non-elimination events, teams will be scheduled to arrive and compete at a certain time which will allow us to cycle teams through the event with minimal contact.
    For our bracketed style events, we will spread out the schedule in terms of the number of teams at the venue at any particular time, in addition to hosting all of these in open-air.
    There will be no formal Award Ceremony at each event to minimize congregating at the end of the event.

In addition, Volunteers will not be utilized for the events this year.

Spectators will be allowed at ALL Events. If unvaccinated, family members should sit together, socially distanced from other individuals/family groups.

For additional questions or concerns related to the above COVID procedures, please contact Dom @