Final Event Day Volunteer

Date: August 12, 2023


Assist Corporate Challenge Staff with checking in participants as they arrive for the event. Identify what company the participant is representing, and have them complete the waiver form for their team.

Aid Station

Arrive at the Check-in Tent to check-in with Corporate Challenge Staff. As runners finish the race, provide them a cup of water. Keep water table replenished as runners take from it.

Tug-of-War Assistant

Work with Bracket Officials, and the Tugmeister, to run scorecards to and from the tug field. Bracket officials will provide a scorecard for the matchup, the Tugmeister will complete the scorecard for you to return to the Bracket Official.

Tug-of-War Assistant (Tie-Ins)

Work with the Tugmeister to tie-in the anchor of each team. These volunteers will need to attend the Tug-of-War Captains Meeting prior to the start of our first tug, and will work the duration of the Tug-of-War Tournament.


Check-in with the Corporate Challenge staff to be assigned a Carnival Challenge to assist with. Assist Corporate Challenge staff in resetting the Challenge and moving teams through the Challenge efficiently.

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Check-In (8:15 - 12:00pm)#1: Debbie O.
#2: Sherri S.
Aid Station (9:00 - 11:00a)#1: Jane H.
#2: Carla Y.
Carny! (10:30a - 12:00p)#1: Julie P.
#2: Kristen O.
#3: Kristen O.
#4: Hanna M.
#5: Jon H.
#6: CINDY C.
Tug-of-War Assistant (11:30a - 1:00p)#1: Hanna M.
#2: Jon H.
Tug-of-War Assistant (Tie-Ins) (11:30a - 2:00p)#1: Kelly H.
#2: Travis W.
#3: Conner B.
#4: Jon P.