Rules of Play


Saturday, July 20
Learn-to-Play Pickleball Lesson 9:00am – 9:20am
Tournament Bracket begins at 9:30am

All teams please arrive early for our Learn-to-Play Pickleball Lesson! A certified instructor from Towpath Tennis will be on-site to give a crash course on the rules of play and team rotation for the event. This will be educational in learning to play pickleball for the first time, and also crucial to assisting your team with participation for the event! Following the lesson, the tournament bracket will begin!

*Tournament Bracket will be linked here when available.


Towpath Tennis Club
2180 Akron Peninsula Rd,
Akron, Ohio


4 Players Per Team (2 Male & 2 Female)

Double-Elimination Tournament
Play to 11, Win by 2. (Cap at 13)