T-Shirt Design Contest

Your 2022 Winner…Bober Markey Fedorovich!

This team won over our judges with a clean design that showcases and represents a Summer of a ton of fun, and a ton of different events. They put the ACC in Accounting…

Congratulations Bober Markey Fedorovich!



Show off your Team Pride by creating uniforms for your company teams!
Submit a photo, or image, of your company t-shirt design to… dtremaglio@hermescleveland.com
…And the image will be uploaded to this page. Judges that will be in attendance at our events will vote to determine the T-Shirt Challenge winner to be announced at the Closing/Awards Banquet!

T-Shirt submissions will be accepted within the following time frame:
(April 1 – August 13)
Winners will be announced at the Closing Awards Party!

How to Enter:
Submit a photo or image of your company T-Shirt design to…
…And it will be uploaded to this page within 24 hours of submission.
Shirt design MUST be submitted to be eligible.

T-Shirt Challenge judging will be done throughout the season by Corporate Challenge officials in attendance at events.

2023 T-Shirt Design Contest Entries

Submit your Design to be Entered into the Challenge!

Design #1- Parker Meggitt

Design #2- Sikich

Design #3 – National Interstate Insurance


Design #4 – Oriana House